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BrainStorm Network is an innovation consulting firm who focuses on helping you generate catalytic ideas to address your organization's TOPIC's (threats, opportunities, problems, issues, and challenges. Specifically we focus on:

     Beyond BS™ (BrainStorming)  (brainstorming seminars, workshops, retreats and training)
     ChangeStorming™  (otherwise known as Change Management)
     Next Level Strategic Planning™  (idea generation after initial strategic planning)
     Executive Innovation Retreats  (creative thinking events without the wacky hats)

Corporately, we operate as a network of idea catalysts, developing strategic partnerships with consultants and experts in various fields.
Practically, we serve as a marketing think tank who provides profitable ideas, business solutions, and creative thinking experiences.

We work with corporate meeting planners, business development executives, and human resource (HR) development professionals to help their teams uncover the buried treasure of the mind. Our goal is to help companies who want to create Atmospheres of Innovation™ in their organizations. We accomplish this by creating engaging experiences for executive teams, leadership groups, and special project task forces.

Innovation Leadership Seminars / Executive Education

Everyone thinks they know how to "think outside the box" but the well-worn clichι needs an injection of fresh perspective. Our one-of-a-kind innovation Carpe Boxem®  (Re-Think the Box) seminar will help your team identify, evaluate, and modify their organizational boxes (mental models and paradigms).
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Innovation Workshops / Creative Thinking Training Programs

Most people think they know how to brainstorm, yet are unaware of many innovative new brainstorming techniques. The Beyond BS™ (BrainStorming) workshop is our flagship brainstorm workshop. Our goal is to help people learn and use multiple brainstorming techniques to generate fresh ideas, develop new revenue streams, and harvest the amazing ideas of your leadership team.
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Innovation Management Consulting Services / Strategic Planning

As an innovation management consulting firm, we work with clients on a variety of issues including: business development, new revenue stream creation, strategic planning, and new product development. Using a variety of innovation tools and brainstorming techniques, we work with your executive team to stimulate creative thinking. Or, if your organization's strategic plan needs new energy, check out Next Level Strategic Planning™.
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Executive Innovation Retreats

Serving as an innovation think tank, we custom-design innovative corporate retreats and idea generation events. Based on your specific needs, we create dynamic corporate training programs, Idea Harvesting™ events, and unique executive retreats. Our innovation events are designed to get your team 'out of the box' so they can generate innovation 'inside the box' of your organization.
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Innovation Consultants / Professional Keynote Speakers / Trainers

If you need an innovation consultant, professional keynote speaker or trainer to help your organization look "inside" your box, think outside of the box, and then go BEYOND the box, we can help. We can design an engaging experience for your group or put you in touch with another consulting firm, professional speaker, or trainer whose expertise fits your need.
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